Buying a house?

IB-Buying-a-houseIf so, there are a few things to organise once you have the keys.

To-do’s include things like reading your water meter, getting spare keys cut and noting the rubbish day, to name a few – and these can be easily forgotten in all the excitement of climbing the property ladder.

So to make things easy, we’ve compiled a handy guide – it’s a list of 13 to-dos for after settlement day, and it’s called…

13 things to arrange once you have the keys

13 things to arrange once you have the keys is a free guide to help you take care of property admin when buying a new house.

To get a taste of what’s in the guide, the first 3 to-do’s are below:

1. Photograph your power and water meter

If the power is already on at your new place, you should read the meter when you first move in. You should also read the water meter if water rates apply in your area.

Taking a quick photo of any meters on move-in day is a good way to avoid paying for anyone else’s electricity or water.

2. Get connected

When you move house, there are a bunch of things to arrange. The full list of services and utilities to consider include; power, phone, internet, gas, sky, rubbish and recycling.

And you should also remember to tell your lawn-mower, nanny, gardener and pool guy if necessary.

3. Redirect your mail

If you’re organised, you’ve probably already updated your address with most of the businesses that send you mail regularly.
But the problem is that there are always a few letters that slip through the cracks, and for this, you can redirect your mail with NZ Post for as little as $25 for 2 months.

For more info about NZ Post’s mail direction service see

Want the full list of to-do’s?

Download the full list of 13 things to arrange once you have the keys below.

As well as the 13 to- do’s, the guide also includes a printable A4 PDF checklist for your fridge, so you won’t miss any house buying admin.

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This guide compiled by the plusfour group in Hamilton. We’re also busy compiling guides for buying a house, getting married and starting a business.