Our Six Step Process

How does it all work?

Insurance can get complicated and full of jargon, but we know what you want to know. So how does the whole process work with us? Do not worry we like to keep things straight forward!

We like to think of our relationship with you as a Six Step Process. This is how we build our relationship and make sure your insurance needs are met to the highest possible standard and are exactly what you need to live your life a little more comfortably.


Establish what we do and what you want us to do

​You are unique, there is no substitute to sitting down with you and working through your needs/goals together

Have we taken the time to get to know you?


Documenting your Story

Learn your story and identify your needs and goals

Have we listened and understood your needs?


We shop around for you

Investigate for you options that meet your needs and goals


Do we know our stuff?


Present your Plan

Shop around so we can present a plan of recommended services that best meet your needs whilst highlighting pros and cons of your cover

Do you feel confident you can make an informed decision?


Implement the Plan

Fill out the dreaded forms to implement your agreed plan

Do you feel confident you are protected for life’s challenges ahead?


Keep your plan relevant

We keep your plan updated with your changing life needs

Have we been there for your calls and ongoing life changes?