Review Questions

It's time to Catch Up!

    Over the past year I have:
    Changed my address or contact detailsAdded to my family, got married or changed my marital statusChanged my job or started a new businessSignificantly increased/decreased my incomeBetter health (i.e. stopped smoking, weight loss/symptom free from injury or illness)Been hospitalised, fractured any bonesSubstantially increased/decreased debt (i.e. paid of mortgage/increased Mortgage)RetiredEstablished a trust or updated the name of the trust

    I am interested in the following:
    Guaranteed future premiumsEnsuring my dependents will be 'ok' financially in the event of my deathProtecting my mortgage/incomeMedical Insurance optionsI want to know more about Partnership, Key Person and Business InsuranceMaking sure I have the correct ACC structure