Reviewing your policy

Here at insuranceBASE we are with you not just for a quick sell but the long haul. Our advisers will always be on hand for any questions you have throughout your time with us. Part of the service we provide is an annual review.

We will pop in and catch up with how you are getting on and make sure the policies in place are still suitable for you.

A review with us will consist of:

  • Making sure if you are over insured (paid off more debt) we need to lower cover
  • Making sure if you are under insured – topping up your cover to suit potential lifestyle changes
  • Seeing if you have had any special events happen since since we last saw you such as getting married, purchasing a home - as you might qualify for a Special Events Increase in your cover
  • Checking if you have missed out on making a claim for something you are covered for
  • Remind you of the cover you have. Life can get busy and sometimes a little reminder never hurt anyone
  • Mainly it’s just nice to catch up and see how you’re going!