Wilhelmina Eveleens (South Island)

Financial Adviser -South Island

I am insuranceBASE’s only South Island based adviser. I live in South Canterbury and love travelling to visit clients throughout Canterbury, Otago and the Mackenzie (and occasionally to the North Island).

While I never had aspirations to work in the insurance industry … now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I get to work very closely with an amazing group of clients and use my background in accounting, taxation, economics, law, finance and business to help structure effective risk management plans.

At all stages of working with clients, my focus is on claims – making sure that there is sufficient financial support from both the insurer and ACC (factoring in your ability to self insure) and that the funds are delivered to the right entity (individual, family, business or trust). If you focus on this end goal, then every decision is assessed in terms of whether it moves you closer to a successful claim.

When not at work, I can generally be found at home with family regenerating our two acre paddock or at a swimming pool somewhere around the country.

There is nothing better than balancing the long hours spent at the computer with physical work and family time.

I specialise and can advise on the following:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • KiwiSaver
  • Financial Education

Who’s someone you admire and would love to have round for dinner?

Chuck Feeney, the American billionaire who has given away all of his wealth to charity and is now officially broke. What an inspiration!

What was your dream job when you were  younger?

I always wanted to be a herd tester … I love cows. Thankfully, I listened to my mother, got a uni degree and had amazing jobs and travelled lots