Summer’s are great aren’t they?

Long days, warm weather, friends and family… you know the drill.

But there’s always the chance of something going wrong; so to keep you safe, we’ve compiled a handy list of kiwi summer accidents to avoid.

1. BBQ burn

BBQs are the modus operandi for cooking over the summer. Every year us kiwis sustain a range of injuries from the BBQ. Watch out for the following potential accidents:

  • Apron fire (especially on windy days, and beware of novelty aprons)
  • Bare beer belly burn (risk increases with size!)
  • Scorched eyebrows (don’t get too close)

Seriously though, watch out for kids around the BBQ. Don’t leave the BBQ unattended when little ones are around – or there’s a game of cricket on the go.

2. Fish hook in the finger (or elsewhere)

Whether you’re fishing from land or by boat, fish hooks are an accident waiting to happen. Finding yourself hooked, rather than the fish, is not pleasant. And it’s more common than you think. Check out these poor fools

A few basic safety tips:

  • Don’t go barefoot
  • Check before you cast
  • Don’t fish drunk (or drugged)

3. Sand rash

Bikinis or boardies – sand and salt water can cause a bit of grief. Every year kids and adults find themselves irritated or in pain due to sand rash after a big day at the beach.

Not too much can be done to prevent this. Comfortable swimwear, rash tops, and vaseline jelly are a few tips from sufferers – as well as a good wash down in fresh water afterwards.

4. Jellyfish sting

Another beach hazard. We have a few stinging jellyfish around NZ waters, so watch out. Move away from any jellyfish you see.

The Ministry of Health has some good advice on treating stings. Most stings are minor but call 111 if you, or someone else, is having a severe allergic reaction to the sting.

5. Sunburn

Slip. Slop. Slap. Wrap. I don’t think we need to say any more. You’ve no doubt had it drummed into you enough.

But I will say one one more thing. Don’t be fooled by the clouds!

If you’re out and about make sure you protect yourself from the sun – even if you can’t see it. It’s still there, and you can still get burnt.

6. Rope burn

Not as common as sunburn (or perhaps even BBQ burn) but nevertheless rope burn injuries increase over summer.

How do you get rope burn you ask?

Here are a few rope burn prone activities:

  • Tripping over guy ropes on a tent (especially in the dark!)
  • Swinging on a rope swing (leave that to the kids)
  • Pulling in the boat
  • Playing tug of war

7. Stubbed toe

Ouch! The perils of bare feet…

Other common barefoot accidents are:

  • glass/foreign object in the foot
  • “cutty grass” across the ankle
  • prickles
  • bee stings
  • burning the soles of your feet (think hot sand, tar, shiny surfaces)

Solution: Grab your jandals!

8. Picnic poisoning

Left overs, picnics and parties are all ripe for food poisoning (excuse the pun).

Watch out for chicken and meat products. Also anything that has mayonnaise, dairy, or eggs in it. These can develop nasty bacteria after only a couple of hours unrefrigerated.

And these bacteria can have nasty effects on your tummy, getting in the way of your summer.

9. Kids toy accidents

The kids get new toys, the adults remember how good they used to be, and then…

That’s right, during the summer you’re more likely to have an embarrassing accident while using the kid’s toys. Riding a skateboard, attempting a flip on the trampoline, or pogo sticking.

Solution: Leave it to the kids.

10. Lawn mower altercations

“Quick get the lawns mowed. We have visitors arriving in half an hour!” Sound familiar?

Over summer emergency rooms tend to see more mower injuries – toes, hands, and fingers getting caught in blades; or punctures from flying rocks or sticks.

Wear suitable footwear and be safe, or even better – pay someone else to do it (so you can relax over the holidays)


Statistically speaking:

Other than these kiwi-summer cliches, there are two serious risks to summer – drowning and road accidents.

Last year, 90 people drowned in New Zealand and 294 people died on the road (16 of them over the Christmas/New Year period).

So please take care out there, both on land and in the water.

Are you prepared?

You probably don’t want to wrap yourself (and your family) in cotton wool this summer, so don’t wait for an accident to check the status of your insurance.

For a free, no-obligation appraisal of your current insurances, call me (Jason) on 021 735 905 or contact us.