Business Insurance


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Key Person Insurance

Who are the important people in your business? Could you survive without them?

If you’re serious about business continuity, then you’ll want unexpected events to have as little impact on day-to-day operations as possible – enter key person insurance.

In basic terms, key person insurance reduces the impact of your business losing a critical staff member.

If you have an important team member become ill, unable to work, or involved in an accident – then key person insurance can help to:

  • Bring in relief employees
  • Replace lost profit
  • Honour contractual commitments
  • Provide customer confidence
  • Maintain supplier confidence

Contact us to learn more about key person insurance for your business.


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ACC CoverPlus Extra

Are you paying too much in ACC levies?

Most kiwi business owners aren’t aware that there are two types of ACC cover available – traditional ACC, and a second which is known as ACC CoverPlus Extra.

ACC CoverPlus Extra is great, because it let’s you decide on the earnings you’ll receive if you have an accident covered by ACC. Perfect if you have other insurances in place.
ACC CoverPlus Extra is an optional alternative to normal ACC, and provides you with:

  • Certainty around the amount you’ll get if you have an accident
  • Comfort knowing you’re not over-insured (or paying too much in ACC levies)
  • And the best part is that you won’t have to prove loss of earnings when you make a claim.

    Contact us to learn more about ACC CoverPlus Extra.