These are most definitely difficult and unique times as the world grapples with the rapidly evolving impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Our thoughts are with those affected across the world, and of course at home in New Zealand.

Times such as these highlight the importance of supporting each other and caring for our community: from the courageous efforts of the health workers across the world to what we can all do individually to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the wider community. For our part, it reinforces the importance of being there for our clients: to offer guidance, to answer queries, and provide expert advice in these uncertain times.

COVID-19 and your personal insurance cover

Don’t hesitate to contact us
Whenever you have a query about your insurance, no matter how big or small that might be, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you’d like to check in on the cover you have in place or have queries about a specific policy, we’re here to help.

Making informed decisions
We may see some changes from insurers relating to pandemics for new policies. This means it is even more important that if you are considering new cover, you have all the details and advice to help you thoroughly understand the benefits, exclusions, wait-periods etc. And this is particularly true if you are considering changing cover from an existing policy. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you would like to review or discuss your options.

Mindful budgeting
In these uncertain times and particularly amid the significant financial concerns created by coronavirus, you may be looking for ways to save money. If your insurance is on your list to review, we urge you to get in contact. Insurance can provide important protection and in uncertain times, this can be all the more important. Having said that, we’re here to help so please do contact us should you experience financial hardship and need to review your options.

Remember, we’re here to help

As we all know, this is the time for our community to support each other. Please keep in mind that we’re here for any queries or concerns you may have about your cover. While our offices are closed, we are working remotely and are here to help with your queries via email, phone and videoconferencing.

Take care and thank you for your time.

Disclaimer: Please note that the content provided in this article is intended as an overview and as general information only. While care is taken to ensure accuracy and reliability, the information provided is subject to continuous change and may not reflect current development or address your situation. Before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article, please use your discretion and seek independent guidance.