Personal Insurance


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Life Insurance

Think you’re invincible?

If so, you should pick-up today’s newspaper for a brutal reality check. Because the unexpected does happen – and that’s why you need life insurance.

Life insurance is (among others like, car and contents) a common type of cover of kiwi’s, but it should really be called ‘death insurance’, because it provides a lump sum payment upon your death.

With life insurance, your loved ones may be able to pay off the mortgage or deal with other financial commitments, enabling them to survive financially when circumstances have dealt them a blow.

Life insurance is an agreed amount, and can help your family to:

  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Pay off personal debt (such as loans or credit cards)
  • Offer security for existing business obligations
  • Provide an investment for the future

Contact us about life insurance, or learn more about level term life insurance, where the premiums don’t increase with age.

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Income Protection

What’s your most valuable asset?

The answer may surprise you, because your most valuable asset isn’t your car or your house – it’s actually your ability to earn, to produce future income.

Income protection insures your ability to earn, by helping replace your income if you can’t earn.

If you become sick or disabled and have income protection insurance in place, you will continue to receive a percentage of your income to help cover your mortgage, the groceries, childcare for your kids, and also living costs.

Contact us about income protection insurance.
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Medical Insurance

Want to avoid lengthy hospital wait-lists?

If so, you need medical insurance. Because medical cover gives you speedy access to private hospitals and specialist care – when you need it most.

When you have medical insurance in place, you can avoid public wait-lists, meaning you’ll receive the treatment you require, without waiting for the call-up.

Contact us about medical insurance or learn more about how to avoid hospital wait lists

Trauma Cover

Know someone who’s had a health scare?

If so, you’ll know just how life-changing it is for those affected, and that’s where trauma cover can help – because let’s be honest, no one expects to suffer a critical illness.

Trauma cover provides a lump sum payment for things like cancer, a stroke or a heart attack. When in place, trauma cover can help to reduce debt, provide for your family, or even increase the quality of your life during treatment or recovery.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about trauma cover.

Total & Permanent Disability Cover

What would life look like if you became disabled? If you couldn’t work?

Whilst you might feel bullet-proof now, everyone needs a backup plan in place – and that’s where total and permanent disability cover comes in.

Total and permanent disability cover provides a lump sum payment if you are to become permanently incapacitated, and are therefore unable to work.

Having total and permanent disability cover in place can help you or your family to:

  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Pay off personal debt (such as loans or credit cards)
  • Preserve your lifestyle
  • Secure your financial future

Contact us to find out more about total and permanent disability cover.