When life throws a curve ball or two and you need to claim on your insurance, having the knowledge, expertise and guidance of your insurance adviser makes all the difference.

It’s your adviser’s job to guide you through the process; to help you understand what you can claim; to represent your interests with the insurance company; to make sense of the various forms and process. Ultimately, they’re there to make claim time as stress-free as possible and to help you receive your payout in a timely manner.

Guess who understands the small print?

Firstly, there’s the importance of understanding your policy. Your insurance adviser knows the ins and outs of all the fine print. So whatever type of insurance you’re dealing with: when an incident happens they will know where you stand.

That means that where you might not think you can make a claim, your insurance adviser may tell you that you can. In fact, in some circumstances, you may even find out that you can claim against more than one of your policies.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

If you identify that you can claim on your insurance, then what next? Without the support of a good insurance adviser, then you had better prepare for dealing with some extensive paperwork on your own. Unfortunately – but necessarily – insurance companies are fans of forms.

You may think that’s not a problem and be prepared for completing some documentation. But that’s now; how would you feel in the event of needing to make a claim? If you’re suffering from bereavement, an illness, losing your house or any number of traumatic events: dealing with questions and filling out paperwork will most likely be the last thing you feel like doing.

Helping you through the detail

The good news is that your insurance adviser knows the forms, the types of evidence needed, and the process that insurance companies go through to validate a claim. They’re there to walk you through the detail and to be your representative with the insurance company.

Finding an insurance policy that delivers the cover you need is only one part of your insurance adviser’s role. Following through with a claim so that you get the support you need during a potentially traumatic time: that’s when their help becomes priceless.

It’s no wonder that so many customers who use insurance advisers are passionately vocal about the impact of their support. An insurance adviser can make all the difference when you’re pushing a claim across the line.

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